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What leisure Battery should you choose?

There are 3 main types of leisure battery:

  • Flooded, or Wet cell, leisure batteries - the battery is filled with liquid sulphuric acid (electrolyte) in the conventional way and periodic maintenance (topping up with de-ionised water) may be required. Wet cell leisure batteries are the most commonly used and suitable for most leisure/auxiliary battery applications.
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) leisure batteries - the battery is filled with acid, but the liquid is totally absorbed making AGM batteries non-spill and so that they can be fitted in any orientation, i.e. on their side or at an angle.
  • GEL leisure batteries - the battery is filled with an electrolyte gel thus making them non-spill and GEL batteries can also be fitted in any orientation.
  • GEL and AGM batteries may provide more cycles (battery discharging and recharging) than conventional wet cell batteries and, it is claimed, have deeper cycle parameters, but these advantages must be weighed up against the initial cost.

In most cases we would suggest using flooded, wet cell leisure batteries unless the non-spill advantages of AGM and GEL are a crucial factor to your leisure battery system.

Split Charge Relays, Systems and kits.

We specialise in 12 volt and 24 volt split charge systems.

Our voltage sensing split charge relays and fitting kits are easy to fit as they only need wiring from the starter battery to the leisure battery/batteries. They are suitable for older and also modern vehicles with INTELLIGENT ALTERNATORS, CANBUS and MULTIPLEX wiring systems. With our range of volt sensing/sensitive split chargers there's no need to cut wires or take feeds from other sources (i.e. the vehicle alternator). For newer vehicles this also avoids any vehicle warranty issues.

The Durite range of DC battery to battery chargers have a 3 stage micro-processor controlled charging system and use voltage sensing for automatic cut-in and drop-out battery split charging. These DC battery chargers are very easy to fit and come in four variations to cater for vehicles with dual voltage battery banks for starting and auxiliary/leisure use. Available battery voltage combinations are 12v to 12v, 24v to 12v, 12v to 24v and 24v to 24v.

Leisure Battery Chargers Cables and Accessories

We also stock a vast range of battery accessories including cables, terminals, and leisure battery charging systems - please see the navigation bar on the left.

Secure online shopping

Secure payments can be made with all major credit cards, or by PayPal using our secure checkout system which is secured by GlobeCharge. Once we receive an order customers can track the progress and expected delivery day by clicking the link on their order confirmation.